Pediatric Dermatology of North Texas
Pediatric Dermatology of North Texas
We Offer a Select Assortment of Products to Aid in Your Treatment
  • CLn Body Wash™
    CLn Body Wash
    This body wash is formulated with sodium hypochlorite as a preservative and is ideal for patients with atopic dermatitis or other infection-prone skin conditions.
  • Bakers P&S Solution™
    Bakers P&S Solution
    This product is highly effective for scalp disorders such as psoriasis and seborrhea (dandruff).
  • Cortibalm™
    This lip balm formulated with hydrocortisone is highly effective for dry, cracking lips and is especially ideal for patients on isotretinoin for acne.
  • Triple Paste Diaper Cream™
    Triple Paste Diaper Cream
    This zinc-oxide formulated diaper cream is very thick, adherent, and provides an effective barrier in the diaper region. It is our practice’s preferred diaper cream.