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Pediatric Dermatology of North Texas
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Warts are an extremely common condition caused by a virus. These growths may appear anywhere on the body and are contagious. There is no way to prevent warts and treatment can be challenging.

There are some considerations to take in account before choosing a therapy. No absolute cure exists for warts. Multiple treatments are often required, and treatment may decrease but not eliminate the spread of the warts.

Treatment depends upon the age of the patient, as well as the size and location of the warts. New warts may appear while existing ones are being treated. Therapy should also take into account the patient's insurance coverage, as in-office procedures may be subject to deductibles at each visit. Lastly, recurrence of warts is possible with any treatment.

At Pediatric Dermatology of North Texas, we review the considerations mentioned above, the risks and benefits, then select a treatment individualized for each patient. Options may include non-active intervention, outpatient prescription topicals, immunotherapy, in-office procedures (e.g, cryotherapy, injectable immunotherapy, surgical curettage), and other various 'off-label' treatments.