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Pyogenic Granulomas

Pyogenic granulomas are common, benign growths of blood vessels that can appear anywhere on the skin. The cause is not completely understood. This growth can appear in any age group and is quite common in children who often develop these lesions on the face and trunk.

Pyogenic granulomas can grow rapidly and often bleed very easily. These lesions tend to persist and get bigger; consequently, it is recommended to remove pyogenic granulomas. Our providers will present all the treatment options which are dependent upon the size, location, and age of the patient. Topical therapies tend to be ineffective and surgical options provide the best results.

At Pediatric Dermatology of North Texas, the majority of patients can have removal of their lesion under local anesthesia. In rare instances, such as extremely large lesions, or those located on the eyelid margin, outpatient surgical treatment (under general anesthesia) may be necessary.

Our surgical approach usually involves shaving of the pyogenic granuloma, followed by curettage and cauterization of the base of the lesion. This procedure usually results in an acceptable scar that continues to improve over time. In some cases, surgical excision with placement of sutures may be necessary. Recurrence of the pyogenic granuloma in the same or nearby surgical area is possible but very rare.