Pediatric Dermatology of North Texas
Pediatric Dermatology of North Texas
Our Grapevine Office is Kid-Friendly and Teen-Friendly
  • Waiting Room
    Waiting Room
    As you enter our clinic, you are greeted with a spacious waiting room offering a large, fresh-water aquarium, along with double screen flat panel monitors for entertainment.
  • Arcade Room
    Arcade Room
    During your waiting time, children of all ages enjoy playing various video games, including XBOX 360, Playstation, DreamCast, VSmile, and others.
  • Western Room
    Western Room
    There is no doubt you are in the Lone Star State once you set foot into this room. Decorated with Texas nostalgia, this room puts patients and families in a Western mood.
  • Jungle Room
    Jungle Room
    Be on the lookout as you escape on a trip to the jungle, complete with elephants, tigers, monkeys, giraffes, and others.
  • Dog Room
    Dog Room
    Every canine fan loves this examination room, as the walls are covered with a variety of dogs. Don’t forget to bring your own pet picture to display in this room.
  • Sports Room
    Sports Room
    If you like sports, then you will love this room. It is filled with football cards and items from the past and present, as well as photos of sports legends and teams.
  • Carolina Room
    Carolina Room
    Basketball fans, be ready to enjoy a hoops experience. Past and current memorabilia remind patients of the unique winning tradition of the Tar Heels.
  • Space Room
    Space Room
    Patients need not fear when its time to have a minor procedure. This treatment room allows an escape to Outer Space, as well as the opportunity to watch their own DVD movies.